UK Girl Guides go woke as 'God' removed from camp song lyrics

UK Girl Guides go woke as 'God' removed from camp song lyrics

Classic songs sung by Girl Guides are set to be cancelled after the movement confirmed they found lyrics could “have been hurtful to people.”

In the latest woke episode, the songs that have been sung for generations are facing the axe or having their lyrics changed.

The changes were confirmed by the Girl Guides in a post on their website, where they say the songs remain a “big part” of the tradition of the group, but suggests “there might need to be adaptations so everyone can join in.

One Brownie group amended the lyrics to the camp song Brownie Bells to drop all religious references – to the anger of a number of Christian groups.

Their upset is over the fact that the Girl Guides original message was to encourage a belief in God.

The new version removes any reference to the Holy Spirit.

Originally, the lyrics to Brownie Bells were: “Oh Lord our God, Thy children call, Grant us thy peace, And bless us all. Good Night G.O.O.D.N.I.G.H.T.”

But the new version goes: “Time for the end, our meeting’s past, Brownies is great, time flies so fast, goodnight. I’m a Brownie, you’re a Brownie, Brownies all around the world. Goodnight Brownies everywhere.”

The organisation has defended the changes, saying they are “inclusive of all religions.”