Global Warming Lies Exploded on VIDEO

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Global Warming Lies Exploded on VIDEO

The global elite are using Covid-19 as the principle driver and excuse for their worldwide coup d'etat right now, but that doesn't mean that they've forgotten about the potential of their man-made global warming hoax. Indeed, alongside the 'convenient' worldwide cybercrash the elite are rehearsing, the 'climate emergency' is set to re-emerge as the next big excuse for global tyranny.

This makes it especially important that men and women of goodwill everywhere have a good understanding of the genuinely inconvenient truth about 'man-made climate change' - that it's just another pack of lies of fake news headlines fed by bought-and-paid-for 'researchers' who find just what are paid to find by the global elite.

This video demolition of the whole hoax by the late founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, is a few years old now. But coming as it does from a man who millions of Americans remember both fondly and as a real weather expert, it's a very good introduction to the subject for people you know who are just starting to wake up. Pass it on!


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