Globalists Target Polish Children For Ethnic Suicide

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Globalists Target Polish Children For Ethnic Suicide

With Poland becoming increasingly important as a centre of Christian resistance to globalism and suicide-by-immigration, it was inevitable that the Usual Suspects would step up their efforts to subvert the country’s elite and to try to promote ultra liberal, ‘white genocide’ ideals to the next generation.


The Polish “Euroweek” programme has been launched at the University of Economics in Katowice under the name “Euroweek School of Leaders”. It was to “inform Polish students on local and international issues through various conferences and seminars conducted with the participation of Polish prime ministers, ministers, politicians of various options, ambassadors, consuls and representatives of many pro-EU institutions.”

Schools and youth organisations have been encouraged to affiliate with the “Euroweek” programme. Having got itself established, it is now promoting diversity, immigration and integration. It has become a leftist indoctrination system for children, encouraging them to become “Goalkeepers” for “Global Goals”.

Somehow this resulted in the obscene images we see below, where adult, non-Polish men (presumably “refugees”) are seen cavorting with clearly underage female children.

Apparently this takes place at an “Integration Camp” where the children spend time away from their parents’ supervision.

These children are clearly being groomed and manipulated. Some of the messages and comments they post about the event on social media are flirty, using words like “sexy” and “love”.

Euroweek was started by Zbigniew Pełczyński, a long-time collaborator of George Soros. He previously served as a politics tutor to Bill Clinton at Oxford University.

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