‘God Is Queer’ Declares Pastor in Germany

‘God Is Queer’ Declares Pastor in Germany

South African-born Quinton Caesar, who has served as a pastor in the town of Wiesmoor in Lower Saxony over the past year, declared at the final service of the German Protestant Church Congress in the main market in Nuremberg that “God is queer” while advocating for a slew of other leftist causes, the German newspaper Die Welt reported.

Ceasar, who reportedly describes himself as a “theologian activist pastor”, reminded his audience that “black lives always matter” and advocated on behalf of refugees.

The pastor said that anyone who preaches in the name of the Church and still “discriminates my siblings and me – because of our income, our skin colour, our disability or our queer identity” does not understand the teachings of the Bible.

“God is always on the side of those who stand on the edge, who are not seen or not named. And if God is there, then there is also our place,” Ceasar continued.

The German Protestant Church Congress saw around 25,000 people attend its final services in Nuremberg, with a total of 70,000 people participating during the entire five-day run of the Protestant event.

The Christian gathering also held overtly political events and talks, with the three leading left-wing members of the coalition government, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, and Minister of Economics Robert Habeck speaking. Also in attendance were CDU party chairman Friedrich Merz and a representative of the “Last Generation” green activist group.