Google Censorship – And How To Confront It

Google Censorship – And How To Confront It

The next wave of censorship is here and we have to be ready for the changes that come from that.  Google’s latest YouTube purge, the so-called Ad-pocalypse is just the start.

This is a systemic and on-going digital “Night of the Long Knives” intended to stifle and rein in speech to limits acceptable to them. The goal is rolling a greater percentage of Google’s vast ad revenue back into the coffers of the dying Main Stream Media outlets.

Google, YouTube and the rest of the Media are making their case very clearly. They are in control of information. You are the product and they sell you to the highest bidder.”

The first step to freedom is to stop expecting to be business partners with Google.  They are unreliable partners.

The second step is to flood them with class action lawsuits for incurring harm to your business because of their unjustifiable changes to their Terms of Service.

The third step is to support services built to keep you in business and not them, for content creators to use and urge their audience to support alternative platforms that attack Google’s business directly.

A report out yesterday states that Facebook and Google will control 75% of all digital advertising the world over by the end of next year.  If that doesn’t scare you nothing will.  That’s the money they are using to suppress alternative voices and build an opinion-free web.

The last thing you can do at present is this:

INSTALL BRAVE and use it as your internet browser.  

BRAVE blocks all trackers, cookies, ads and scripts.  It’s more than a browser, it’s a full ad network aimed at the heart of Google’s business.  And it’s free and secure.

It tips you for the ads you choose to watch.  And those tips can go to support people like me,The Duran and anyone else forward-thinking enough to see what’s coming.

Seriously.  This is an easy and important way for us all to take back control of our data and our businesses.  All it takes is making a simple change to your daily habits.