Great Replacement In Blackpool

Great Replacement In Blackpool

Blackpool, St George’s Day, 2019. This is some of the most shocking footage we have ever seen showing the rate at which the traditional face of Britain is being changed as the demographic change known as the ‘Great Replacement’ really begins to bite.

Watch this stunning video right now (because the mainstream media won’t show it, and YouTube keeps removing it!), and then compare it with the one from the 1970s shown beneath the rest of this article.

Blackpool is one of England’s most iconic and best-loved seaside towns. Ever since the coming of the railways, it has been the traditional place for working class families from the north of England and western Scotland to take their summer holidays. The famous Blackpool Illuminations are an integral part of the cultural identity of the people who built 19th and 20th century Britain.

But those people have now spent two full generations reproducing at a mere half of the replacement rate, while the political and business elites have spent the same decades flooding their country with cheap vote/cheap labour Third World immigrants.

The result of fifty years of contraception, propaganda and economic necessity making women work rather than have children, and literally millions of abortions, is the demographic implosion and transformation shown by these two videos.

Don’t think this change has been gradual, though. You could have gone to Blackpool just seven or eight years ago and filmed crowds much more like this 1978 footage than what they looked like this year, when the footage was shot on England’s national saint’s day.

This is because the demographic catastrophe in Britain has just reached tipping point. White Brits still make up the large majority of the population, but a huge number of the ‘natives’ are Baby Boomers, who have just now reached the age when they stop being economically active, stop going to the seaside and stop dominating society. In demographic terms, it’s all over for them and the society they knew.

This cannot be stopped. It cannot be undone. Brits (and Americans, Germans, French, Dutch, etc, etc) are going to be minorities in the lands their elites and their own refusal to breed have given away.

This is not the end, but it is the beginning of a totally new era. And the sooner those who don’t like it stop pretending it can be avoided, and set about organising to defend and advance the interests of the new white minority, the better it will be for everyone.