Great Reset Resistance - KT Book Preview

Great Reset Resistance - KT Book Preview

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last year, you'll be aware that a tiny self-selected group of dishonest academics, greedy corporations, power-mad politicians and lying journalists have twisted the statistics to shut down and devastated the world over a virus that is no more deadly than any normal flu.

We all know this, but what very few of us know is WHY. Fewer still have any idea of the longer term plans of the Covid profiteers. And very few indeed have a set of concrete proposals and a body of vital broader advice about how ordinary people can and must prepare for what lies ahead

Fortunately, the Templars do. And a number of our brethren have spent the last three months researching and writing the DEFINITIVE book on the subject. Deus Vult - the Great Reset RESISTANCE is a beautifully produced, hardback book which blows the lid off the global elite scheme to exploit massively hyped crises to destroy our old way of life and impose corporate-feudalism on every corner of the planet.

In this wide-ranging and fascinating discussion, two veterans of decades of political and pro-life struggle in Britain get together to discuss the new book and the absolutely vital information it contains. If you only watch one video this weekend - make it this one. If you only buy one book this year, make it this one.

Please help to spread the word about the Great Reset scam - and help us to build the Resistance!