Great Reset War on Cash

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Great Reset War on Cash

You will already be very familiar with signs saying that businesses do not accept cash. Signs like these have been rampant at stores and restaurants since the start of the 'pandemic'.

All over the world, businesses have stopped accepting cash. Starbucks… Whole Foods… even Walmart and Lowe’s had similar signs.

Many people naively think that refusing cash is simply a COVID precautionary measure, but the truth is that the much-hyped virus is just the excuse for a trial run for a much bigger and permanent move away from hard-to-trace cash and towards centrally-controlled digital money.

A move away from the old fiat cash that the elite are debasing at such a terrifying rate is the lynchpin of the entire scheme to impose a global surveillance state on the entire world.

This is why — according to an incredible survey by the Bank for International Settlements — a full 80% of the world’s central banks are already in some stage of rolling out digital currencies that will soon replace cash...


Sweden, for example, has already introduced the e-krona to digitize their national currency.

The Bahamas recently released the first fully-operational state-controlled digital currency…

China — the world’s second-biggest economy — has also released tens of millions of dollars of digital yuan to its own citizens — and China is expected to roll out a full version in the coming months.

Now, if you think America has been spared, think again…

In Washington, D.C., bureaucrats have been considering a “Fedcoin” since at least 2015…

But now the “rubber is finally meeting the road”…

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton recently went on the record at a Senate meeting, saying:

Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues in Congress even slipped language into a draft of a pandemic stimulus bill… The measure would have set up every American with a “FedAccount” and replaced dollars with a Fed-controlled digital dollar.

The section didn’t make it into the final law…

But just a few days later, Pelosi’s colleague in the Senate, Sherrod Brown, introduced a bill that would do the very same thing —

Hand every American a Federal Reserve-owned “FedAccount”… supplied with digital dollars.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell met with the House Committee on Financial Services — the group that oversees new laws and changes to our money…

He said:

In fact, the world’s top banker went even further when he spoke at a Senate hearing

Do you see how quickly things are moving?

After the first wave of the pandemic…

The U.S. Senate actually held an emergency meeting to advance the “Digital Dollar” agenda…

Big Tech is doing everything they can to help make the digital dollar a reality, working hand-in-glove with big government to create a 'new normal' completely dominated and designed by them. They've used Covid as the excuse to close down airline travel for the masses, to destroy more than half of all small and independent businesses, and to get everyone used to taking totally unnecessary and dangerous medicines just because Big Brother demands it. Digital currency coupled with instantly traceable digital identities are the electronic ball and chain designed to ensure that we can never break free.

At least, that's what they think. The Templar's stunning full-length book, Deus Vult - the Great Reset Resistance, examines this whole nightmare and then sets out the proper and effective Christian patriot response. In short, the whole elite plot is so arrogant and full of hubris that it is sure to crash and burn. Our job, your job, is not to try to destroy this Satanic New World Order system, it is to survive it - ready for the Great Rebuilding on the other side of the hell on earth these crazies are in the process of unleashing.

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