Green Food Shortage for Agriculture Giant Canada

Green Food Shortage for Agriculture Giant Canada

Canada will face a “food shortage” if the country pushes ahead with the Liberal Party’s green policies which attack Canadian farmers.

“We are heading directly for a food shortage unless our government starts supporting our farmers,” warns Conservative Party of Canada MP and leadership candidate Dr. Leslyn Lewis.    

“As a nation that has prided itself on being an agricultural giant, we should not be facing the kind of food shortages that other countries around the world are experiencing.”

Lewis recently said that attacks on Canadian farmers via so-called net-zero targets are like “sorcery” and a real cause for concern for Canada’s future food supply.

"The Liberals used COVID-19 as an opportunity to push their virtue-signaling green agenda and further attack our farmers, weakening the industry. And when Net-Zero policies were already threatening to cripple the industry around the globe, now the Liberals are making Canadian farmers pay for the war between Russia and Ukraine,” she wrote.

Following the bad example set by Holland and the EU, yhe government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pressing ahead with an attack on Canadian farmers by pushing an agenda that would force them to reduce the amount of nitrogen-based fertiliser.

The hardline 'green' policy was first tried in Sri Lanka, where it took a little under three years to reduce the country to complete collapse. Hang onto your hats!