Grinch Herod 's War on Christmas

Grinch Herod 's War on Christmas

Canada's pro-abortion, anti-Christian political elite are using the fake 'covid plague' narrative to try to ban and bury Christmas. Several months ago, leftist PM Trudeau suggested that Canadians might not be able to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

Campaign Life Coalition’s President Jeff Gunnarson summed it up when he said that Trudeau’s remarks suggesting Christmas may be canceled are “Grinch- like” and a “creepy sort of Herodian evil” considering his support of abortion.

And now Ontario Premier Doug Ford has stepped up the liberal assault on tradition by saying that he expects families to avoid “holiday parties or large family dinners” for 2020 in a politically correct announcement about “Holiday Season Safety” that did not mention Christmas at all.

“I know there are many people looking forward to their traditional family celebrations at this time of year, but to keep your loved ones safe, traditions will have to be adjusted,” said Ford last week in a government press release. 

“We're asking everyone to please stick to your own household when celebrating. Avoid big holiday parties or large family dinners to help us stop the spread of this deadly virus. By following this public health advice, we can all have a safe and fun holiday season.” 

Despite most of the province not being under the most restrictive “Lockdown-Grey” category, the “Celebrate the Holiday Season Safely” advice urges Ontarians that “no matter where you live in the province, the safest way to spend the holidays this year is by only celebrating in person with the people you live with and celebrating virtually with everyone else.”

So with churches shut or banned from holding proper services, and rules and 'advice' to prevent families and friends meeting up, Canada's liberal-left Grinch regime is effectively banning Christmas. But more than that, by promoting the atheistic/Talmudic inspired 'Happy Holidays' concept, they are working on driving it out of our culture and out of peoples' lives completely.

Resistance is obligatory!