Handbook of the Coming Revolution

Handbook of the Coming Revolution

The Handbook for The New Fenian

The Most Powerful Christian Nationalist Book in Generations


War is coming! We all know it. Not one of ‘their’ disgusting, useless, wars-for-profit, but the great struggle for the future of Christendom and for the survival of our nations and the peoples who created them.

If you only have space next to your pocket Bible for one more small book in your knapsack as you head off to this Final Conflict, this is the one to take.  Síol na hÉireann’s Handbook for the New Fenian is head-and-shoulders above anything published by the ‘organised right’ since Codreanu’s inspirational classic For My Legionnaires.

The moment you hold and open this book, you understand that it’s something really special. The sturdy, hardback cover, complete with a beautiful gold Celtic cross logo, protects over one hundred pages of words of wisdom and passion.

Chapters begin with quotes from past heroes of the Irish freedom struggle, particularly Patrick Pearse and Michael Collins. But the text itself – set in a very traditional typeface and on great quality paper – is all as original as it is powerful. It’s a 21st Century take on traditional Christian nationalism, which manages to be both idealistic and deeply practical.

It is obviously and already a classic of Irish political thought, but despite being so firmly rooted in the Irish Catholic revolutionary tradition, The Handbook speaks to and for patriots and nationalists everywhere. This is not a book just for Ireland – Síol na hÉireann’s first book should become the Handbook for The Coming Revolution right across the Western world.

Just as Irish monasteries once sent out missionaries and religious manuscripts to bring light and The Word to peoples all across Europe, so now this remarkable book can and will inspire the new generation on whom the survival and revival of European identity and civilisation depend.

But, be warned! This book is for men, fighters, serious Christians and devoted nationalists. It is NOT suitable for keyboard warriors, hobbyists, liberals or fake civic ‘patriots’. The Handbook for the New Fenian is heavy duty spiritual, intellectual and organisational kit!

We hear that it is selling very well indeed, and is getting a really great reception. This is no surprise, but it does mean that you should order your copy today, to guarantee prompt receipt.