Here Comes The Bill! Brits to be hit for failure to reproduce

The over-40s should be made to pay a ‘social care premium’ to cover the costs of being looked after in old age, British MPs have suggested.

They are calling on the Government to grab a new pot of money to guarantee basic social care to all those in need.

This would be part-funded by the over-40s and part-funded by their employers, similar to a pension scheme. It would be on top of tax and National Insurance, which is already supposed to pay for pensions and health care.

The move is the latest indicator of the problems and strains that are going to hit our rapidly ageing society ever more brutally. Put simply, when a short-sighted and selfish generation makes the decision to have one child per couple (the real figure for native Brits) they really can't complain when there aren't enough young workers four decades down the line to pay for their care the old-fashioned way.

The MPs did not specify how much the premium should be – although they estimate that it would need to raise about £2.5billion a year.

For an average adult in the UK earning £27,000 this would be equivalent to £675 a year. Someone on a £50,000 a year salary would pay up to £1,250.

The recommendations have been put forward by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee and the Health and Social Care Committee which says our existing system is under ‘considerable strain.’

You ain't seen nothing yet! The consequences of failing to obey God's command to "be fruitful and multiply" will become ever more painful as the years roll on...

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