Here's The REAL Environmental Crisis

Here's The REAL Environmental Crisis

From gender-bending to growing evidence of serious health impacts, from strangled seabirds to toxic smoke plumes, the worldwide plague of plastic is an all-too-real environmental and health disaster. The role of microplastics in causing sexual dysfunction and reducing human fertility alone is enough to warrant immediate and radical action to get the problem under control.

So one of the greatest tragedies resulting from the global elite's needless and bogus 'war on carbon', is that while so much attention and money is wasted on the phantom of 'man-made climate change', the genuine environmental crisis caused by plastic is being allowed to continue and to get even worse.

Shocking studies are showing that micro-plastic pollution is everywhere, in the deepest oceans and on the highest mountain peaks. It's in the rain, in our food, in our drinking water. It's even in breast milk and in human placenta. The toxic chemicals which are poisoning everything from frogs to human babies are implicated in problems from the rise of hermaphrodite fish to the explosion of human homosexuality and the ongoing collapse in male fertility.

To a limited extent, we can all take steps to protect ourselves and our families. From using water filters to avoiding plastic packed and stored food, there are things we can do to reduce the threat. But, in the end, this is one problem which really DOES require a co-ordinated global response. Not in order to provide yet another threadbare and cynical excuse for One World Government, but so as to persuade sovereign governments across the world to work together to put an end to the Age of Plastic - before it puts an end to us!