Heretic Anti-Pope Mocks Fatima Consecration

Heretic Anti-Pope Mocks Fatima Consecration

Don't be fooled by the Anti-Pope Francis! After a hundred years of refusal to consecrate Russia to the Virgin Mary, the heretical and perverse 'Anal Pope' is set to perform a mockery of the ceremony demanded at Fatima.

The tradition-hating, lockdown-loving, arch-liberal is to celebrate a mass on 25th March, during which he will purport to consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Virgin Mary. faithful.

According to tradition, one of the so-called secrets of Fatima concerns the consecration of Russia to “the Immaculate Heart of Mary”, prophesising that peace will follow if the consecration is done.

It genuinely religious terms, it is very questionable indeed if ANYTHING done by the disgusting heretic Francis can possibly have any effect for good. The move is in reality simply another part of the Western propaganda circus in favour of the unholy alliance of Zionists and Nazis who run Kiev on behalf of Nato and its global-homo agenda.


On the same day, one of Francis’s top aides, the Polish cardinal Konrad Krajewski, will celebrate a consecration mass in Fatima, Portugal, the site of the early 20th-century Marian apparitions that formed the basis of the “secrets of Fatima". Krajewski is another notorious leftist social justice warrior.

On 11 May 2019 Krajewski climbed down a manhole cover in a Rome street to break a seal and switch back on the electricity supply to a building where 450 people, mainly illegal immigrants and anarchists were squatting.  In early May 2020 he wired charity money for food to a group of transgender sex workers who had been left out of a job due to the Covid lockdowns.

In any case, the Russian Orthodox church consecrated Russia to the Virgin Mary several years ago. The bishops of that truly traditional church take a very dim view of this move by ultra-liberal Rome to play along with the secular New World Order attack on Russia. They recall the centuries-old aggression of Rome towards Orthodoxy, which is now aggravated by the fact that the Vatican is controlled by a revolutionary homosexual cabal.
To have such creatures posturing about 'consecration' is at best a bad joke and, at worst, a blasphemous mockery of Christian tradition, the Virgin Mary and God Himself.