Hidden Templar - Chivalry In The 21st Century

Hidden Templar - Chivalry In The 21st Century

The Chivalric Code restored and updated! The ancient code of chivalry was first developed in the early Middle Ages in the Christian kingdoms that emerged from the pagan chaos that followed the Fall of decadent Rome.


First reconstructed by way of painstaking research in the 19th century, the KTI has updated it for our own challenging times. Here are the Ten Pillars of modern Templarism.

We, the Knights Templar Order, are the foremost International Christian and Patriotic group fighting the dual threat of Islamism and the forces of globalisation and their anti-European, warmongering cronies. We have been persecuted by various governments, banned from many countries, de-platformed from social media and threatened by various Islamic terror groups.

From the election of Trump and Brexit to our aid missions to besieged Christians in the east, We could not do all of this without the help of our members and supporters. 

As you know, the Templars are one of the world's most effective fighting organisations who have over 900 years experience in dealing with those who would wish us harm. Too many think others will do the work for them (we do not mind doing the work, but we need help, we need your support.) So, I would ask you to stand shoulder to shoulder with us by contributing to our fighting fund...Deus Vult!