Hidden Templar: Come Out Of Babylon

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Hidden Templar: Come Out Of Babylon

As western liberalism is approaches its end, the lord's anointed must prepare. The greater distance you can put between your family and the damned, the better! 

We can already see it in our own time; a trickle of western Christians, mainly American converts, packing their bags, uprooting their families and moving to Russia and other central and eastern European countries.

It is daunting to imagine the difficult task of relocating to foreign lands, although leaving your young children's fate in the hands of a corrupt education system, a mass media who's aim is corruption of the soul and a government (or elements of the government) hell bent on your replacement, is a much more terrifying prospect!

While we have your attention, we would like to remind you of our Emergency Ukraine Appeal

While BILLIONS of Dollars pours into western Ukraine, the beleaguered people in the east have been forgotten and abandoned to starve or freeze to death. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! In conjunction with our brethren on the ground in the area I am asking you to dig deep and send your immediate financial support (as best you can) to our EMERGENCY UKRAINE WAR APPEAL!