'Hijacked Dissident' Is Nazi Mercenary

'Hijacked Dissident' Is Nazi Mercenary

The Lying Press are at it again! All the reports about the wicked Belarusian government kidnapping an innocent young journalist and his girlfriend are hiding one absolutely vital fact from you: Roman Protasevich served as an active member of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion during the ongoing wave of ethnic-cleansing attacks against Russian-speaking civilians in the east of Ukraine. 

The emergence of photos of the violent Lithuanian-based thug in an Azov parade should be deeply embarrassing to the Western media outlets, NATO and EU figureheads and others who have spent the last couple of days screeching condemnation of Belarus and Russia for diverting a passenger plane so that the young war criminal and agitator could be arrested. But, of course, these people are so shameless that they are happy to make common cause with Nazi killers if it can further their Russiaphobic agenda.

Promises of EU and US additional sanctions have followed since Protasevich and his girlfriend were detained on charges of inciting riots and publishing the personal information of police and officers of the state online. 

Belarus' President Lukashenko has hit back at criticisms of the detention of Protasevich: "One extremist with his female accomplice. So let his numerous Western patrons answer this question: Which intelligence services did this individual work for?" Lukashenko said as quoted by the Belarus Segodnya newspaper.

There can be very little doubt that, since his stint in the world's biggest neo-Nazi militia, Protasevich has been groomed by NGOs funded by the CIA and George Soros as part of their massive operation to force regime change on Russia and Belarus. As such the governments of those countries are absolutely within their rights to remove him and his fellow puppets from the stage. In fact, they should have snatched Soros himself and put him on trial for crimes against humanity years ago. They'd be doing all of us a very big favour!