History of the Knights Templar - Part 5: The Templars On Trial [Video]

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History of the Knights Templar - Part 5: The Templars On Trial [Video]

When King Philip IV of France wanted the Templars brought under trial, Pope Clement V was forced to comply. But the Templars' Grand Master, Jacques de Molay stood up to the most powerful forces of his day.

Eventually King Philip's Inquisitors succeeded in making Jacques de Molay confess to the charges. On 18 March 1314, de Molay and de Charney, recanted their confessions, stating they were innocent of the charges and they were only guilty of betraying their Order by confessing under duress to something they had not done.

They were immediately found guilty of being relapsed heretics, for which the punishment was death. This effectively silenced the other Templars. Philip continued to pressure and threaten the Pope to officially disband the Order, and things came to a dramatic end in 1314 with the public execution by burning of leader Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charney.

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