Hit Back At Disney Child Groomers

Hit Back At Disney Child Groomers

The Walt Disney Co. that we grew up loving is dead. The company has been hijacked by Cultural Marxists and sexual perverts and is now being used to groom children to adopt radical LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

In a leaked video of an internal Disney meeting, Disney's corporate President, Karey Burke, bragged openly of her plans to introduce more and more LGBTQ+ indoctrination to young children. Disney is now a clear and present danger to children everywhere - let this monster into your homes at your children's peril!

Disney’s child molesting activism comes after US state of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis passed a law to protect children ten years old and younger from learning the harmful sexual orientation and gender theory indoctrination from leftist teachers in schools.

It’s time to turn up the heat. Disney still relies on families for the vast majority of their revenue, so join us in hitting them where it hurts. If every Christian family simply made a firm decision to stop giving Disney one single penny more, then the company would find out that "Go Woke - Go Broke" is not just a slogan, but stark reality. So just do it, and help end Disney's LGBTQ+ grooming madness.

On of the most important chapters in our best-selling book Deus Vult - the Great Reset Resistance, is an essay on the views of the founding father of civil disobedience as a weapon for the 'common people' against elite tyranny. This chapter speaks also to the power of Christians to resist the liberal totalitarianism of 'woke' corporations such as Disney. Buying and reading and re-reading this seminal book is therefore another vital step you can take to help defend your family from the unadulterated evil now spewing from Disney. So check out the revolving masthead above and get your copy today. Deus Vult!