Hong Kong Protests – The TRUTH

Hong Kong Protests – The TRUTH

We know that many of our regular readers are very interested in, and generally well-informed about, current affairs. And we regard it as our duty to bring our own experience and intelligence capabilities to bear to help people find out what is really going on.


It is perhaps natural for Western patriots to look at the protests in Hong Kong and be sympathetic to the demonstrators there, apparently battling a Communist regime in pursuit of freedom.

But the reality is very different. These are not brave anti-Communist patriots. They are thoroughly modern liberals, fixated with all the usual liberal causes, particularly the normalisation of sodomy. And the whole operation has been run from start to finish by a gang of globalist agencies, including George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Washington Deep State’s taxpayer-funded CIA front the National Endowment for Democracy.

The exact same liberal Establishment that is working away to destroy the last vestiges of the great old American America are also trying to hoax Americans into supporting them doing the same thing against China.

So here’s the bottom line: The true Biblical position in that God created the nations of mankind, and that they should be left alone to find their own ways in the world. In particular, the globalist attempt to herd us all onto the same global plantation, and to impose their anti-Christian, degeneracy on everyone, is trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel, with the glorification of homosexuality added to the blasphemy.

So, despite the fact that the Chinese government is ‘Communist’, the only proper position for informed Western patriots is to SUPPORT them in the putting down of the would-be terrorist uprising in Hong Kong by puppet demonstrators. Especially as the police methods used are restrained and measured – contrasting very well with the brutal treatment meted out to genuine grass-roots protesters in the Yellow Vest protests in liberal France.

The protests are from the same stable as the Deep State orchestrated violence that overthrew the elected government in Ukraine, and which tried and – thank God – failed to do the same in Syria. Frankly, if these latest ‘peaceful protesters’ get so violent that the Chinese have to send the tanks in, then the more of these liberal, LGBTQ+, SJW traitors they crush, the better for China and the world.

That’s our position, and no more needs to be said. Other than, if you needed a litmus test to see who on the ‘right’ is a genuine anti-liberal and defender of real freedom against the New World Order, and who is a shill. Then this is the perfect issue. All the closet homos, all the Mossad hasbara trolls, all the fake right-wing libertarians, they’re all squealing in favour of the Hong Kong protests. And all the genuine patriots are calling them out for the fake news, manufactured ‘colored revolution’ scam they are!

If by chance you want to explore the issue further, this long piece from the excellent Saker blog is a great place to start:

U.S.-UK Deep State Tries to Grab Hong Kong

What can explain these recent instances, proven by Agence France-Press, in which outright frauds — lies (in the form of faked photos and videos) — are being spread online to support the agenda of breaking off, from China, Hong Kong (which has historically always a part of China), so as to make Hong Kong an ‘independent’ nation?:


This video actually shows Chinese tanks in Hong Kong in June 2012
26 July 2019
This is an old video of a training exercise by South Korean riot police
29 July 2019
The press pass in this doctored photo is from Apple Daily’s Taiwan bureau, not Hong Kong
30 July 2019
All crime legal in Hong Kong for 12 hours? No, the ’emergency broadcast’ is fictional
5 August 2019
This photo shows a different cat — the owner of Hong Kong’s Brother Cream says he is unharmed
8 August 2019
It’s an old photo of an actor on a Hong Kong TV show
9 August 2019
This video shows Hong Kong police firing tear gas at Kwai Fong station in August 2019
14 August 2019
Gangsters beat up Hong Kong protester? The video was actually filmed in Taiwan in 2018 and shows a man being attacked over debts
16 August 2019
Hong Kong airport has said ‘all lighting operated as normal’
20 August 2019
These pictures are from protests in France and Spain, not recent demonstrations in Hong Kong
21 August 2019


The context might explain it:

On August 14th, Toronto lawyer Christopher Black, who is an expert on U.S.-UK Deep State efforts to grab back Hong Kong for the British Empire, headlined at Global Research “America’s ‘Hybrid War’ against China has Entered a New Phase”, and he described a six-phase “hybrid war” by the U.S.-UK Deep State against China in Hong Kong:

The first stage involved the massive shift of US air and naval forces to the Pacific. …

The second stage was the creation of disinformation about China’s treatment of minority groups, especially in Tibet and west China. …

[The third stage is] the propaganda was extended to China’s economic development, its international trade, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, its Silk and Belt Road Initiative, its development bank, and other facilities and trade initiatives, through which China is accused of trying to control the world. …

The fourth phase is the US attempt to degrade the Chinese economy with punitive “tariffs,” …

A fifth phase [is] the kidnapping and illegal detention of Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer of China’s leading technology company Huawei, …

[The sixth phase] in this hybrid warfare is the insurrection being provoked by the US, UK, Canada and the rest in Hong Kong, …

Also on August 14th, the anonymous “Moon of Alabama” blogger (a German intelligence-analyst), headlined “Violent Protests In Hong Kong Reach Their Last Stage”, and he opened:

The riots in Hong Kong are about to end.

The protests, as originally started in June, were against a law that would have allowed criminal extraditions to Taiwan, Macao and mainland China. The law was retracted and the large protests have since died down. What is left are a few thousand students who, as advertised in a New York Times op-ed, intentionally seek to provoke the police with “marginal violence”:

“Such actions are a way to make noise and gain attention. And if they prompt the police to respond with unnecessary force, as happened on June 12, then the public will feel disapproval and disgust for the authorities. The protesters should thoughtfully escalate nonviolence, maybe even resort to mild force, to push the government to the edge. That was the goal of many people who surrounded and barricaded police headquarters for hours on June 21.”

The protesters now use the same violent methods that were used in the Maidan protests in the Ukraine. The U.S. seems to hope that China will intervene and create a second Tianamen sceneThat U.S. color revolution attemptfailed but was an excellent instrument to demonize China. A repeat in Hong Kong would allow to declare a “clash of civilization” and increase ‘western’ hostility against China. But while China is prepared to intervene it is unlikely to do the U.S. that favor. Its government expressed its confidence that the local authorities will be able to handle the issue.

There are rumors that some Hong Kong oligarchs were originally behind the protests to prevent their extradition for shady deals they made in China. There may be some truth to that. China’s president Xi Jingpin is waging a fierce campaign against corruption and Hong Kong is a target-rich environment for fighting that crime.

The former British colony is ruled by a handful of oligarchs who have monopolies in the housing, electricity, trade and transport markets: …

Then there was this from him, after the Sunday, August 18th, demonstration:


Source: Moon of Alabama