NHS Trust say hormone-filled 'milk' as good as breastmilk

NHS Trust say hormone-filled 'milk' as good as breastmilk

UK: Drug-induced milk from men is as good for babies as a mother's breast milk, an NHS Trust has said.

A leaked letter from the Medical Director of University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust describes both as 'human milk' and says that they are the 'ideal food for infants'.

The letter was sent on behalf of the Trust's Chief Executive, and it defends the controversial practice of 'induced lactation' by means of powerful medication to enable men to simulate breastfeeding. It also claims that the term 'human milk' is 'meant to be neutral and is not gender-biased'.

In the letter, the Medical Director claims 'there is clear and overwhelming evidence that human milk is the ideal food for infants', referring to both breast milk and the 'induced lactation' of biological men.

The Director goes on: 'The evidence which is available demonstrates that the milk is comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby.'

University Hospitals Sussex Trust is a member of Stonewall's controversial 'Diversity Champions' programme. It admitted that its policy was derived after advice from 'external organisations' – but refused to clarify which.

Meanwhile, the Trust has refused to reveal how many births in its hospitals have been to so called "trans men" - utterly brainwashed and confused women, acknowledging only that it is a 'very small number'.

A spokesman from University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust said: 'We stand by the facts of the letter and the cited evidence supporting them.'

The facts are, that babies must NEVER be used as guinea pigs for someone else's lifestyle choice.