Horror In Our Name, Murder With Our Taxes

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he barbaric Saudi-led coalition assault on Yemen has taken an even more brutal turn with the launching of a full-scale attack on the port of Hodeidah; a vital lifeline for aid workers attempting to reach the millions starving to death in that war-plagued land.


The nightly air attacks by the Saudi air force, aided according to many reports by British army personnel, has kill thousands of innocent of civilians. The British Army have been secretly training Saudi Arabian troops to fight in Yemen for some years now; their role almost completely unknown to British taxpayers.

UK Ministers have denied that British forces are advising the Saudis on specific targets, saying they are only “giving advice on future targeting policy”.

British-made bombs are being used in the Saudis’ aerial bombardment of Yemen. The sum of British supplied weaponry and military support in recent years has reached nearly £4bn. At one point it was reported that Britain had supplied so many ‘smart missiles’ to the Saudis that the RAF was running out.

Hunger and disease of biblical proportions have ravaged that tiny nation, where, according to the UN humanitarian coordinator, Lise Grande, “as many as 250,000 people may lose everything– even their lives.”

Germany, Greece and Finland have already canceled and refused to issue arms license transfers to countries directly engaged in the Yemen tragedy.

The bloody conflict began in March 2015 when a Saudi-led coalition began bombing Houthi rebels who had forced Yemen’s president into exile. Sunni Saudi Arabia regards the Shia Houthis not just as heretics to be exterminated, but also as Iranian proxies.

Whether it is true or not that the Houtis are indeed receiving support from the Iranians is beside the point. Britain has no strategic interest in the area. What British politicians and arms manufactures do have an interest in is the money that rolls in from the bloodstained Wahhabi dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.

British taxpayers are further afflicted, as in every case where government foreign policy and arms sales destabilize Middle Eastern states, by the resulting flood of refugees. Sometimes these are bogus; in the case of Yemen they are clearly genuine. But far better than accepting them as such would be for Britain and other Western nations to change the policies which force so many people from their homes and homelands.

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