Horse Lords – History of the Scythians

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Horse Lords – History of the Scythians

Where did the horsemen who swept over ancient Europe before the Roman Empire actually come from?

The culture of the Scythians gives us a deep insight into our own origins. Well worth watching!

This remarkable and very informative video explains the significance of the Scythian culture whose remains have been unearthed in the vast open steppes that stretch from the Baltic to the Pacific.

The latest DNA evidence is revealing that an enormous number of people of European stock, while descended on the female side from the Stone Age hunter-gatherer artists of southern France and northern Spain, have their paternal ancestry in southern Russia.

It now appears increasingly certain that this reflects the spread in Bronze Age times of horse-riding, chariot-driving, animal-herding nomads from Russia.

Perhaps followed by a second wave once iron became the dominant material used in both warfare and agriculture.



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