How to cancel your TV Licence

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How to cancel your TV Licence

Television licences are compulsory to watch live television or use the BBC’s iPlayer service. But with public anger over the BBC’s far-left bias, its plan to charge over 75s to watch TV, and the obscene salaries it pays its luvvy ‘stars’, more and more people are CANCELLING their licences and refusing to pay the BBC another penny – ever! 


The licence fee applies whether the show is being watched on a TV set, computer, tablet or any other equipment.

In 2016 a new rule came into force closing a loophole allowing people to watch iPlayer without a licence – even if you’re watching on catch-up.

But this does not apply to ITV Hub, All 4 and My5 – which are legal to use as long as you are not watching live TV.

If you wait a few hours after broadcast  hit soaps, documentaries, dramas, comedy, sport and films are up for grabs.

So how do you cancel?

1. Make sure you don’t need a licence and will not be breaking the law. It is best to formally inform TV Licensing – though you don’t have to – but it will reduce the number of letters you receive about it.

2. Cancel your direct debit by filling out TV Licensing’s contact form online, confirming your home address and that you n longer watch live TV. You can also call 0300 555 0286.

3. Fill out a ‘no licence needed’ declaration form online – and keep your confirmation email from TV Licensing as proof.

4. Once you’ve done this TV Licensing may visit and inspect your property. One one in five households inspected fail and you will be forced to pay again. In serious breaches people are prosecuted and fined up to £1,000.