How To Quit Watching Television

How To Quit Watching Television

You just can’t get away from television. Were those fabled ‘alien anthropologists’ to write about this time period, television would occupy a key place in their analysis of our species (at least in the West). With this in mind, it should be acknowledged that ‘quitting’ television is therefore quite a revolutionary action, in every sense of the word.


The reasons to quit watching television are manifold, but deserve a brief explanation. First of all we might point to the content. Since its inception, television has pushed the same decadent, degenerate values that have been poisoning our culture since the advent of the film industry.

This is the same today, as the majority of television broadcasting encourages a selfish and self-destructive pursuit of personal pleasure as the primary goal of life, as well as promulgating the Progressive narrative that White people are evil, men are lazy, and (as previously discussed here) ‘diversity is strength’. Reality shows like ‘The Bachelor’ promote the decadent lifestyles that are causing our nations to wither and die.

Secondly there exists the fact that television is a great time waster. Imagine the untold wonders that could have been created over the last 50 years with the time and attention that our people have placed into watching television!

Finally, the third reason I would give for why one should quit television is ‘best practices’- this means that when you look at those who are successful in life, those who are creating art, building businesses, and having large, healthy families- in short, creating greatness both in themselves and in the world- they almost universally are NOT watching television. By seeking to replicate their ‘best practices’ we inevitably position ourselves to also replicate their success.

How then can one go about quitting television? I would point to three strategies:

1. Do it gradually. Start off just resolving to quit watching television in the evenings, after work. From there, after a few months of success, resolve to quit watching it in the mornings, while you get ready for work, or on the weekends, etc. This is what I did, and over the course of about 6 months (this was a few years ago), I went from at least four hours of television per day to zero.

2. Replace it with other enjoyable activities. You aren’t going to be successful if you just end up trying to stare at the wall every day instead. Rather, schedule time to go to the gym, check out some books from the library, take up Martial Arts, etc. You will absolutely experience television-cravings, and having enjoyable replacements will drastically increase your chances of success.

3. Track your progress! Tracking is the secret to life. The human brain is an instrument of shocking power, yet that power lies in its ability to create and use tools, not in its stand-alone functionality. The same principle applies to self-improvement. If you put your actions, and their results, on paper, you will have a exponentially higher chance of success. This has in fact even been proven in double-blind studies.

I would recommend keeping a daily tracking diary on an App like Evernote where you track your tv watching (along with other things). Having to actually write down how many hours you spent watching television each day is enormously effective in reducing it. Furthermore, it causes you to act deliberately, and choose how much you are going to watch. You are being proactive, not reactive. You are being a feeder, not a receiver. This starts a trickle effect, and your motivation level (and satisfaction at your progress) will increase exponentially, hurrying the process and ensuring your success.

Once you have successfully quit watching television, congratulate yourself. You have accomplished what very few ever will. The average person in the US or Europe will spend many years of their life watching television, in many cases while their nation and culture burns down around them.

Television is a perfect reflection of what Tolkien called ‘Yawning Abyss’, and ‘The Iron Crown of the power of evil’, and by vanquishing it in our individual lives we take the first step toward vanquishing all the other manifestations of darkness from our lands, defeating the Orcs who menace them (along with their masters), and creating a new, healthy, noble, and wondrous civilization for our descendants.