Huge Fines for Going to Church

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Huge Fines for Going to Church

Imagine being fined $1,000 simply for attending a church service! This isn't the start of some dystopian fantasy, this is the reality of life in liberal totalitarian Australia.

The pastor at a Sydney church busted for holding an illegal sermon in a COVID-19 hotspot last night told a congregation earlier in the day “the lockdowns are over”.

NSW Police found 60 people at the Christ Embassy church in Blacktown about 7.30pm after a tip-off to Crime Stoppers.

It was just hours before a curfew which prevents people in high-risk 12 LGAs in Sydney’s west and south-west from leaving home between 9pm and 5am came into effect.

Before the police arrived and handed out about $35,000 in fines, Sydney pastor Marvin Osaghae gave another sermon earlier in the day.

“In the name of Jesus, we refuse every lockdown in our cities, in the name of Jesus go ahead and pray,” he told the congregation.

“We declare the lockdowns are over, in the name of Jesus, lockdowns are over, in the cities of NSW, in the name of Jesus, we declare the lockdowns are over.

“In the cities of NSW, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, Hallelujah father we thank you lord.”

Pastor Marvin Osaghae

Thirty adults were fined $1000, and the church was fined $5000.

Police said there was no QR code check-in system being used by the church.

The Christ Embassy is a Christian megachurch founded by Chris Oyakhilome, also known as “Pastor Chris”. Its headquarters are in Lagos, Nigeria.


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