Huge Templar Campaign Rolls On

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Huge Templar Campaign Rolls On

Half a million leaflets – gone! This may well make the Templars the biggest single UK producer of pro-freedom literature slamming the Great Reset plot. So now we’re piling on the pressure, by printing a huge run of an updated and even more striking leaflet against vaxx mandates and lockdowns, and the criminal elite behind them.

On top of this, there’s our behind-the-scenes work in helping with the production and distribution of scores of thousands of Freedom newspapers. Thanks to the generous and loyal support of our brethren, donors and customers, we’re really having an impact in this existential war between the global elite and ‘We the People’.

Donations to help cover the cost of the second wave of leaflets are still very gratefully received. Let’s keep the pressure up, and do even more to push the Templars’ unique brand of muscular Christianity to the forefront of the fight for freedom!


Crusade for America!

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Flyers- brochures - every home crusade – Multimedia information films – Advertising and much MUCH more as Templars world-wide rally to Americas Cause of FREEDOM,LIBERTY and GOD! DEUS VULT!