Hungary Backs the Family

Hungary Backs the Family

“A society where people do not want to have children, do not believe it is worthwhile to reproduce, is condemned to death." It's 'only' common sense, but in these days of 'gender' madness and mass abortion, such a normal, natural view of the world is something none of us expect to hear from government ministers. Except in a handful of Eastern European countries where the tide is flowing against liberalism, with Hungary being the most dramatic and heartening example of a society that has rejected national suicide.

The comment came from Katalin Novak, Hungary’s Minister for Families, in an interview to a Portuguese Catholic website in which she discussed part of Hungary’s amendments to its Constitution in December 2020 which include the definition of a mother as a woman and of a father as a man. 

“With the amendment (to) our Fundamental Law, we have recorded things that are obvious for Hungarian people," the married mother of three told the Dies Irae interviewer

There is an alarming trend where basic truths that humankind held obvious and unquestionable are now being disputed," she continued. 

“Political ideology seems to trump science and reason.”

Although the transgender “trend” has not yet arrived in Hungary, the government decided to pass legislation to protect the definition of man and woman as determined by biology, rather than by political ideology. As well, Hungary’s ninth constitutional amendment respects the biology underpinning motherhood and fatherhood. They did this to protect children from the transgender agenda. 

“We want to defend our children and let them be children without using them for any ideological base,” Novak said. 
A “central part of the Hungarian government’s thinking is that the best interests of the child and well-being are paramount.”

The right of Hungary to remain Hungarian, populated by Hungarian children rather than immigrants from abroad, was another theme that was discussed in the interview. Novak said Hungarians do not share the “materialistic view” that immigration can solve demographic problems. 

“Rejecting family values and promoting immigration go hand in hand. If family, childbearing and common heritage have no value, then illegal immigrants do not pose any risk and mass immigration is just a matter of numbers required on the labour market,” she continued.  

“Healthy families are no longer necessary because reproduction is of no importance and immigration can solve demographics. It is a very materialistic view and we do not share this view. If families and reproduction are no longer connected, then family, marriage and sexuality can be whatever you want it to be and are merely a matter of fashion and ideology.”

Novak maintains that the strength of society depends on the strength of the family.

“Families are the basic units of any society, the smallest and closest community of all communities. They are the fabric of our society; if we undo this fabric, our societies as a whole will come apart". 

“It is where children experience and learn love, solidarity, but also responsibility and the value of community. Not all children are lucky enough to grow up in a happy family, but it is the interest of society and therefore the duty of the state to help and defend families.”