EU tells Hungary to reverse its LGBT laws

EU tells Hungary to reverse its LGBT laws

An EU chief has told Hungry to overturn its LGBTQ+ law while Brussels is said to be considered legal action against the country.

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday warned Hungry to reverse course on its anti-LGBTQ+ policy after pressure mounted on Brussels to cut EU funding to Budapest.

But a spokesman for Hungary's Government insisted they would still press on in spite of the Commission's 'unprecedented' interference in the country's internal affairs.

Von der Leyen, who heads the EU executive, said: 'It is a disgrace this legislation... It is something that flies in the face of the values of the European Union.'

Brussels is also believed to be considering legal action against the EU member state and may also link the payment of post-Covid recovery funds to the law's repeal. 

The law prohibits sharing any content portraying homosexuality or sex reassignment to children under-18 in school sex education programs, films and advertisements.