Hungary will rebuild earthquake-devastated church in Croatia

Hungary will rebuild earthquake-devastated church in Croatia

Hungary has declared it will help rebuild a local church and a primary school that were left in ruins after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Croatia on 29th December. 

Church organist Stanko Zec was found dead in the rubbles of the Parish St Nikola and Vid in the town of Žažina. Local media reported the 15-metre-high tower topping of the church fell while the 65-year old was trying to leave the building. 

Hungarian Secretary of State for Religious and International Relations Miklos Soltesz met with the Head of the Diocese of the church to pray for the victims of the earthquake, especially for the family of Stanko Zec. 

During his visit, Soltesz said that the countries have had good relations for centuries and it was only "natural" for Hungary to help Croatia. 

"We hope that the reconstruction of the school and the church will help ensure that people stay in this area," Soltesz said.

Hungary has been sending container homes to Croatia to help those left homeless and has also promised to organise holiday accommodation for 200 children during the summer this year.

The earthquake killed seven people, including a five-year-old girl, and left 28 people injured. So far 40,000 buildings are at risk of collapse.