Hunter Emails Expose BioLab Scandal

Hunter Emails Expose BioLab Scandal

“This is the most criminal thing I have seen in my life.”  This is the stark assessment of newly retrieved emails on Hunter Biden's laptop by Jack Maxey, the former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room show, who is leading the team working to restore thousands of deleted emails.

Maxey team have already found numerous e-mails that show the Biden family’s connection with Metabiota, the bio research company that is involved in the network of U.S. bio laboratories in Ukraine.

Maxey is currently in Switzerland for safety and is working with a team of computer and other experts on the content of the Hunter Biden laptop, a copy of which he had received in October 2020 from Bannon for research. While preparing the laptop for public dissemination – Maxey has announced publicly that he will make the content in edited version available to the entire world within the next days – he and his team found that not 128,000 emails were on that laptop but “double that number of emails; quadruple that number of photographs, documents that he [Hunter Biden] thought he had deleted.” 

“I have 100 percent, clear 100 percent, in writing evidence that Metabiota – you have heard me speak about this – that Metabiota [which] is inside Ukraine, working in those labs, is a DoD [Department of Defense] contractor, in writing,” Maxey says. “And just 15 minutes ago, we found documents that make it appear as if [Mykola] Zlochevsky, the crooked criminal chairman of Burisma, is actually one of the largest shareholders of Metabiota. And now America and the world can understand exactly why Joe Biden had to go over there and make sure that Zlochevsky was never prosecuted.”

As previous research on the laptop as well as a U.S. Senate report had shown, the Biden family is heavily involved with the Ukraine oil company Burisma, with Hunter Biden receiving for years $50,000 a month for sitting on its board. Joe Biden himself, when Vice President of the United States, met with a high-level representative of that company.

Joe Biden once himself bragged in public how he was getting an Ukrainian state prosecutor fired. That prosecutor was in the middle of an investigation of Burisma Holdings.

So when the head of Burisma is the largest shareholder of Metabiota, the link to the Bidens is probable. But Maxey posted hard evidence on his Gettr account. Among the posted emails is an email to Hunter Biden and his business partners from his own firm Rosemont Seneca. This email shows that Hunter Biden’s own firm has direct investments in Metabiota. John, the managing director of Rosemont Seneca wrote in March 2014 to Hunter Biden: “We had a great dinner with Nathan and Robert from Metabiota last night. They are looking to do a series A in a few months which would allow us to mark up our investment to 5X what we paid.”

Maxey confirms, from his insight into Hunter Biden’s files that the “Department of Defense was the one running Metabiota.”

A similar role was played by the company Black & Veatch, which worked with the Department of Defense to organize the biological research in Ukraine. This company also subcontracted Metabiota in the past. “They are in the [Hunter Biden laptop] documents, as well,” Maxey stated.

About Metabiota, Maxey says he has “been describing [it] as a dark operation from U.S. intelligence and U.S. health services since last summer. We now have dozens of documents proving that, in writing, everybody at Burisma knows about it. I have correspondence with Burisma executives talking about our secret biological projects in Ukraine.”

Even though Maxey never intended to do it with his research, it seems that his findings are actually going to vindicate the Russian claims about the U.S.-funded bio labs in Ukraine. What we are learning now suggests very strongly that the Hunter Biden scandal isn't 'merely' about a corrupt regime buying influence with a leading American politician by giving his unqualified son a vast salary for doing nothing in a gas company. That sleazy deal is looking more and more like cover for an illegal and utterly immoral biological warfare programme.