Idiots! Idiots Everywhere! Kamala's Worst Gaff Yet

Idiots! Idiots Everywhere! Kamala's Worst Gaff Yet

The death of a dozen brave-but-misused American soldiers at the hands of (anti-Taliban) ISIS terrorists has brought a grim new seriousness to the shambolic NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan. The whole situation is such a disaster that many people are looking at elaborate conspiracy theories to explain what is going on.

One of these may turn out to be right, but there is a simpler explanation: Sheer incompetence. And a stunning gaff by the fake Vice-President Kamala Harris has just highlighted the utter uselessness and staggering incompetence of Democrat politicians and their advisors.

Harris on Wednesday stopped by a lakeside monument in the capital city of Hanoi to place a bouquet of flowers at a memorial mentioning deceased Arizona Senator, and former US fighter pilot, John McCain. The stop marked the third anniversary of McCain’s death from a brain tumor.  She is in Vietnam for her first official journey to a foreign state in office.

The Republican politician, who became a darling of the Democratic party during Donald Trump’s tenure for his unrestrained loathing of the former president, was shot down over Truc Bach Lake during the Vietnam War in 1967 and pulled out by Vietnamese civilians, who turned him over to the Vietnamese Communist army as their prisoner.

Harris and her advisors know so little of the recent history of Vietnam and the US military that they thought that the memorial was erected to honour McCain.  In fact, the “memorial” where Harris placed her flowers, positioned at the site of the crash, is a tribute to the Vietnamese defenders who captured the pilot – not the American who’d crash-landed in their lake after bombing their country 22 times, during a campaign which killed many unarmed civilians, likely killing multiple innocent civilians.

The plaque on the memorial is in Vietnamese, but translates as follows:

“On 26 October 1967 near Trúc Bạch Lake in the capital, Hanoi, the citizens and military caught Pilot John Sidney McCain. The US Navy Air Force Aviator was flying aircraft A4, which crashed near Yen Phu power station. This was one of ten aircraft shot down that same day.”

If a Trump loyalist had made such a ridiculous mistake, the controlled media would of course have turned it into a huge scandal. But as it's Kamala - who the liberal-left are preparing to enthrone in the place of the senile failure Sleepy Joe - it has been forgotten already. Which is a shame, because it would be very useful for Americans (and Us allies around the world) to understand just how ignorant, stupid and incompetent the people are who are running the whole show. It explains a lot!