Immigrant Violence Sparks Feminist Catfight

Immigrant Violence Sparks Feminist Catfight

Violence against French women by certain immigrants has got so bad that now even some feminists are protesting against it.  They in turn are also being attacked by other feminists who stick to their ‘normal’ pro-immigrant line.

The young women protesting about the effect of immigration are part of a group called Nemesis, which styles itself as a “patriotic feminine collective” and defiantly disregards the standards of political correctness.

At a demo in Paris last weekend, the Nemesis women hold up signs saying “52% of the rapists are foreigners” (this statistic came from an article in the newspaper Le Parisien) and “Cologne, Rotherham, soon Panam.” Paname is a nickname for Paris. Cologne and Rotherham were witness to mass sexual assaults by Mohammedans.

Other, mainly older,  feminists grab their signs and tear them up. Then they start chanting “Feminists, not fascists!” and “Fascists out!”