Incompetent Warmongers Ignore EMP Threat

Incompetent Warmongers Ignore EMP Threat

Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and the heads of the EU and NATO are all continually rattling their very expensive military-industrial complex sabres against Russia and China, as well as lesser powers such as Iran and North Korea. 

Even if for some weird reason you think that it's a good idea to confront other nations over issues such as their rejection of LGBTQ+ 'rights', treatment of Muslim separatists or other 'failures' to conform to 'our liberal values', you need to understand that these fools are playing with fire. 

Because, while not all the countries named have stockpiles of nuclear weapons, they have all developed a serious capability in a totally new form of warfare. EMP stands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse and such a strike has the potential to unleash chaos in which the materialistic, entitled, enriched and diverse populations of the USA, Britain, France, Germany and other liberal western countries would end up doing as much damage as nuclear bombs. 

A single, short-burst of electro-magnetic pulse, set off from satellite over the target nation, would take out the computers and electronic devices on which our entire, complex, just-in-time society is now based. The internet, communications, utilities such as electricity and water, ordering and delivery systems, business and governmental records - all these and much more would collapse. Not just turned off for a few hours, but physically wrecked. Just imagine what the cities of the USA and Western Europe would be like a few weeks later.....

The extent of the threat was detailed in the USA by the 2009 EMP Commission Report. This warned that just one year after an EMP attack, 90% of the American population would be dead. 

Successive US governments have totally ignored the report and the danger. Only President Trump took action. On March 26, 2019, he signed Executive Order 13865 – Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses. Shortly after this EO was given, the Department of Homeland Security began investigated research-proven techniques to better protect critical American infrastructure against EMP attack. Other governments have dome nothing at all.

Non-Contact Warfare was the name of Russian General Vladimir Slipchenko’s military textbook. Within this text, he explains how EMPs are the greatest revolution in military affairs in history. According to Slipchenko, the possession of an EMP renders an enemy’s armies, navies, and air forces completely obsolete, and it’s hard to argue with him there.

If you can’t get your missile defense systems online, if your tanks won’t run, if your planes have all just fallen out of the sky, you’re kind of screwed, aren’t you?

The flagship journal of the Russian General Staff, Military Thought, further echoes this concept. An article within the journal titled “Weak Points of the US Concept of Network-Centric Warfare” specifically points out the use of an EMP as a possible means of defeating the US.

Aside from the concern that comes from foreign military journals, specifically hatching battle plans against your country, Russia now possesses what is known as a “Super-EMP.” A weapon of drastically increased pulse amplitude capable of disabling spacecraft, radar sites, ICBMs, energy supply systems, military command systems, and economies as well.

In the PLA textbook The Third World War – Total Information Warfare, author Shen Weiguang notes the importance of developing China’s EMP defenses to neutralize and check the US if needed.

Other Chinese military journal articles specifically state that the US “is more vulnerable than any other country in the world” to EMP attacks. 

On Iran, a Military textbook Passive Defense – published in 2010 – echoes Russian General Slipchenko’s ideas on EM. **Former Director of the CIA, James Woolsey, points out that “Tehran’s military is planning to be able to make a nuclear EMP attack…”

Woolsey goes on to say, “Passive Defense and other Iranian military writings are well aware that nuclear EMP attack is the most efficient way of killing people, through secondary effects, over the long run. The rationale appears to be that people starve to death, not because of EMP, but because they live in materialistic societies dependent upon modern technology.”

Another Iranian military journal, in an article titled “Electronics to Determine Fate of Future Wars,” notes that the key to defeating the United States is through an EMP attack. The article goes on to say, “if the world’s industrial countries fail to devise effective ways to defend themselves against dangerous electronic assaults, then they will disintegrate within a few years….American soldiers would not be able to find food to eat nor would they be able to fire a single shot.”

We are not bringing this to your attention in order to make you hate or fear Russia, or China, or Iran, or anywhere else. We simply believe that people need to know that the aggressive liberal lectures and regime-change meddling which our own rulers are so keen to engage in, could have truly catastrophic consequences for us. Sending NATO warships to the coast of China or into the Black Sea and Russian territorial waters is typical of the sort of reckless behaviour which could trigger a really serious conflict.

And 21st century warfare won't just involve conflict thousands of miles away. It can very, very easily, come to your city, your street, your grocery store, your home. If this article is news to you, then you should investigate this very real threat some more. And decide what sort of preparation you can and should do to protect your loved ones and yourself. We'd suggest that getting out of the city is absolutely the first step. Because Sodom can be destroyed by simply turning off the lights and cutting the welfare handouts and food supplies. It might take a few days, but it would ne every bit as effective as the old-fashioned fire and brimstone method!