Inflation Surges All Over Europe

Inflation Surges All Over Europe

Americans blame the Biden regime for soaring inflation, but it's happening across Europe too.

Prices in Britain are surging, although some inflation is 'hidden' by the producers' trick of shrinking packets and reducing weights, rather than by putting up the price. Despite this, prices are now rising faster than at any time in the last forty years.

Ireland faces “a prolonged period of high inflation”, Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Michael McGrath has warned. Inflation is roaring ahead all over as a result of the toxic combination of the lockdown money-printing spree, the massive cost of green energy programmes and NATO’s self-destructive sanctions regime against Russia.

According to Eurostate, the Euro area’s annual inflation hit a new record high of 8.6% in June 2022, up from 8.1% in May 2022.

French inflation is now the highest it has ever been since the Euro was introduced. Prices in Spain are soaring at more than 10% per year, while the rate in Poland is 15.6%. Worse is in the pipeline -producer price inflation in Germany is now a shattering 33.6%, and businesses facing immense pressure from surging energy prices will be desperate to pass the price hikes onto consumers.

Just like the Democrats, the political elites in Europe are trying to blame Russia for their citizens' inflation nightmare. The truth, of course, is that runaway prices are the result of their own bad policy decisions, and that starting a proxy war with Russia on behalf of a gang of Jewish oligarchs and Nazi thugs in Kiev is only just one of their errors for which We The People are now beginning to pay.