Insane Turnouts Show Ballot FRAUD

Insane Turnouts Show Ballot FRAUD

"It's not the people who vote that count; it's the people who count the votes" - Uncle Joe Stalin, or Biden!

The biggest election fraud in American history is underway, and it's based on vast numbers of manufactured, un-postmarked or out-of-time mail-in ballots. While the evidence from whistleblowers and witnesses is piling up, the most obvious and telling evidence of all is simply the turnout figures in the Mid-West states where the Great Steal has been implemented.

Just look at the facts. The average turnout across the country has gone up from 55.7% to 67%. That's a huge jump, but it's a controversial and heated election so the number voting was always going to rise sharply.

So now let's look a bit more deeply. Florida was fiercely contested. Its turnout there last time was high at 75%, and it went up to 77% this time. That's a logical and completely realistic increase. Donald Trump confounded the pollsters to take the state. Clearly there was no mass fraud, since the Democrats have not alleged fraud and would surely squeal if they thought the result was rigged (although the fact that some precincts recorded turnouts over 100% is absolute evidence of local fraud by someone).

So we turn to Minnesota and Wisconsin. In 2016 Wisconsin had a turn out of 67% - more than 11 percentage points higher than the national average. If that gap had been maintained this time around, the vote there would have gone up to 78%. That would have been massive and - despite the law of diminishing returns that hits the chance of already high turnouts continuing to buck the norm at the same rate - at least half credible. But instead, the overwhelmingly Democrat-leaning local officials who ran the count are asking us to believe that the Wisconsin turnout rocketed from 67% to a staggering 89%. That's 22 percentage points up - DOUBLE the national average increase.

The vote in Minnesota didn't double, but despite that it is in fact even more unbelievable. That's because the 75% vote there in 2016 was already as high as Florida's. Voters in the state were already heavily engaged, so logically the increase there should have been in line with the 2% increase in Florida. So for the Minnesota turnout to soar to 90% - as the Dems and the liberal media are telling us we must believe - is utterly ridiculous. It's an almost Soviet turnout figure - Uncle Joe Mk 1 would have approved.

President Trump has already started legal actions, which is at least something. But it is not enough. Within hours, we will see Biden claim another stolen state and be acclaimed as the duly elected president by the fake news media. Then the leftist mobs will be gathered, including in the new Maidan outside the White House. The aim will be physically to drive Donald Trump from office through fear and force.

Given that the courts have already given their blessing to the mass mail-in voting which facilitated the fraud, there is zero chance that they will now turn around and defend Donald Trump and democracy. Even the nominally conservative Supreme Court is in fact controlled by the sort of System Republicans who - just like the worthless traitor Attorney General William Barr - will gleefully stab Donald Trump and the American people in the back. It's what their sort always do.

Faced with this position, the ONLY way Donald Trump can avoid being forced from office and thrown into jail - probably for most of the rest of his life - is to call out not just a few Proud Boys, but EVERY able-bodied and legally armed supporter. Plus the National Guard. Plus the Army (over the heads of the Generals, who Obama purged and packed and who cannot be relied upon in any way). Donald Trump should declare martial law, have the police take all the disputed ballots into safe-keeping, arrest suspected fraudsters, sack Barr and the entire upper echelons of the FBI and begin immediate criminal investigations.

That's what he should do. But he won't. Yes, he'll put out censored tweets pledging radical action. But even before he was censored, he established a woeful track record for tweeting the right words on crucial subjects like the deplatforming of conservatives and Christians on social media - but then not actually DOING anything about it. Time and time again in the last four years, that has been the pattern, so to expect anything different now is sadly unrealistic.

Perhaps, just perhaps, now that his very life depends on him taking drastic and immediate action, Donald Trump will summon up the will and drive to do what needs to be done. But we won't hold our breath!