Insane video shows decadence beyond belief – learn how it explains the Islamisation of the West!

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Decadence beyond belief! What else can we say?

Well, the Knights Templar International say this: Traditional Christian eschatology makes it very clear that every time the chosen people strayed into decadence and idolatory, God punished them until they returned to Him.

This happened every time in the seven-fold Sin Cycle in the Old Testament,

And every time He used the same people as His chastening rods: the “Sons of Ishmael”.

Who are the Sons of Ishmael?

The false prophet Mohammad proudly claimed descent from Ishmael. The Arabs are recognised as the Sons of Ishmael, a fact borne out by modern DNA science, which proves that the Arabs and Sephardic Jews do indeed share common ancestors.

The Sons of Ishmael were, and still are, the Arabs and the followers of Mohammad.

From the time of Jesus onwards, God’s people have of course been those nations built by His followers, the Christians. But, just like the Jews of the Old Testament, His people have once more strayed into sin and decadence offensive to Him.

This video provides a revolting example of this sinful and Godless arrogance.

Hence, once again, He will punish His people until they learn and repent the errors of their ways. And, once again, He will use the Sons of Ishmael.

By which we see that the current Islamisation of Europe and increasing swathes of the USA is in fact part of God’s plan to bring His people home to Him once more.

For these grave sins His wrath needs must be terrible, so the destruction of the cesspit of Western liberalism in iron, fire and blood will be a time of terror and death.

But out of the horror His people will emerge once again chastened, cleansed of their sins and faithful once more to our Lord Jesus Christ. Christendom will be returned to Christ! Through repentance and martyrdom, and through the swords that the faithful will wield in the Great Reconquista in His name. Deus Vult!

The Knights Templar Order