Invited to Amish Family Dinner VIDEO

Invited to Amish Family Dinner VIDEO


Quite often the Amish and Mennonite are misunderstood or a mystery to most of us outsiders. Join vlogger Peter Santenello in an enlightening conversation about relationships, the use of technology, what they fear, and how they see the rest of America. A truly eye-opening experience.

Peter tells us this by way of background:

"I just want to clarify that this is one group of Amish out of many. Their opinions and views on life are theirs and do not represent all Amish people. Most of this group are Beachy Amish and Marcus (the older man) is New-Order Amish. Beachy Amish are the most liberal Amish with the most amount of modernity in their lives. This is why I was able to record this conversation. When we "English" (all people that aren't Amish) say "Amish" we categorize many different types of Amish into one group and this is why this can get so confusing. For example, the Beachy Amish can have cars and electricity in their homes.

"The Schwartzentruber Amish are the Amish who chose to live away from modernity completely (without cars, phones, etc.) and are quite often the Amish we think of when we think of the Amish. Here is an oversimplified list of different types of Amish I met while in Holmes County, Ohio: -SWARTZENTRUBER AMISH (the most conservative and most removed from the modern world) -DAN AMISH (somewhat removed from everybody else, conservative) -OLD-ORDER AMISH (can't drive vehicles but some of them can ride as passengers, only have steel wheels on their carriages, not rubber. Allow Rumspringer--their youth to explore the world and "try things out"). -NEW-ORDER AMISH (Broke away from the Old Order Amish. Less conservative than Old Order, but more conservative in the sense that they don't promote Rumspringer, they use rubber on their carriage wheels, use more modern sliding doors on their carriages, some have phones. -BEACHY AMISH (The most accepting of the modern world and the closest to the most conservative Mennonites. This is the group in the video)

"There are many other sects and to confuse things even more each sect has different rules depending on their church. None of the Amish are easy to open up like this on camera and it's only because of Josh that we got in with this beautiful group of people."