Abortion Rights “celebrate” 6,700 lives lost to abortion in Ireland last year

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Abortion Rights “celebrate” 6,700 lives lost to abortion in Ireland last year

Figures released from the Department of Health in Ireland earlier this week report that there were approximately 6,700 abortions in Ireland in 2021. The report claims that a cyber attack in 2021 means that the precise figures are not currently available.

Pro-abortion organisation Abortion Rights Campaign issued a press release headlined “ARC celebrates 6700 people accessing abortion care”. The release then went onto state that the group “welcomes the news that at least 6,700 people were able to access safe and legal abortion within Ireland last year”.

In addition to celebrating the number of abortions that had taken place in Ireland, the group also called for “more and better abortion provision”. They are currently attempting to have the three-day waiting period for abortions removed, allow more late-term abortions for babies with disabilities to happen and want the Irish Government to investigate “why so many maternity hospitals and GPs refuse to provide abortion care”.

In 2019, 6,666 abortions were performed in Ireland. 6,577 abortions were performed in 2020. This takes the total number of abortions reported in Ireland since legalisation to 19,943.


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