Irishman's Long Walk Protest

Irishman's Long Walk Protest

Ten-thousand homeless Irishmen and women sleep rough on the streets in the Republic of Ireland every night. The Irish State won't provide accommodation for them.

But forty-thousand Ukrainian 'refugees' have been fed, watered, and housed in Ireland this year.

To draw attention to the scandal, Irish homeless activist Alan Sweeney spent a solid month between June and July this year walking 1,000 kilometres from Galway, in the west of Ireland, to the European Union Commission in Brussels.

"The reason I'm walking to Brussels is to highlight the devastating impacts that the EU has had since Ireland joined. These issues involve home ownership decreases, land ownership decreases, child birth decreases, a growing mental health crisis, a growing homeless crisis, debt enslavement as well as watching Ireland's interests being shafted aside in order to entertain EU policies."

Mr. Sweeney announced that he was doing the long walk in protest against the EU and the current housing, homeless and cost of living crisis in Ireland. The protest highlighted the current plight of the Irish people who are facing another upcoming recession less than 10 years after covering 50% of the overall debt generated by the EU in the previous recession.