Is Chivalry Alive Or Dead in the 21st Century?

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A dilemma of ethics and political correctness to the millennial man.

To begin, I know I am at risk for receiving flak for this article, but everyone is a critic. I have seen many an argument online regarding the topic of chivalry. What chivalry is and isn’t, what makes a “good guy”, and what makes the difference between sincere chivalry and ulterior motives. I am going to share with everyone my experiences with chivalry and the lessons given to me by close family.

 Chivalry is regarded as this fairy tale of how men are expected to treat women. It is said that chivalry is dead, but is it really? Chivalry is a code that is basic rules of how people are suppose to treat each other. It is misused, misunderstood, and mistaken for flirting. Hopefully, I may show you the truth behind the confusion.

When I was younger, I was basically taught respect and how to treat others by my great-grandfather. He taught me to listen to what others had to say and taught me that every single person on the planet is important. There is no person that is worth more than any other. Sure some may earn achievements and some may become wealthy, but that does not increase their personal value. Everyone has the potential to change the world.

That is where the idea of chivalry starts. The idea of chivalry starts with people. It starts with learning how to care for other people. People have to learn that the universe doesn’t revolve around them. They have to learn that people may only progress together if we work together.

Now, to give you a bit of history behind chivalry. Chivalry was a code of honor that knights used in the Middle Ages. It was a code of honor and respect that defined their knighthood. Over the years after the knights had faded away chivalry became a conduct that gentlemen were suppose to act by. Although, when you get into the modern days this conduct is less common.

After all of the years since the creation of chivalry people have mistaken it for something else. A lot of young men view that if you do something polite for a woman and expect something in return that is not chivalry. A lot of young women say chivalry is dead but it happens every day and sometimes you even mistake it for flirting. Chivalry can be a lot simpler than what people expect it to be. People will not realize this until someone makes a big impact in the way they see this code.

Chivalry can be the holding of a door for a family. Chivalry could be offering to help an elderly woman take groceries to her car. Chivalry could be the lending of an ear to someone who needs someone to talk to. Although, when you do these things you do them wholesome without expecting something in return. Perform acts of valor and selflessness out of love. This is what chivalry is and hopefully the world can learn this code again.

Originally Published at: The Odyssey Online

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