Is THIS the Most Ignorant Tory Minister?

Is THIS the Most Ignorant Tory Minister?

We all know that Conservative Ministers are self-serving crooks - after all, they're politicians! But are they ignorant morons as well? Kemi Badenoch certainly is!

The Business and trade Secretary has claimed Israel should be 'applauded' for 'taking great pains to stay within the confines of the law' in Gaza.

The ambitious MP became the first member of the British Government to tell the Big Lie that Israel had followed international rules in its relentless blitz of the small piece of land dubbed "the world's biggest concentration camp".

The origins of the current conflict are irrelevant to the question of how Israel is conducting itself during the war. Among the international laws on warfare that Israel has blatantly breached are:

A military response to an attack must be proportionate. With the deaths of civilians in Gaza now exceeding those in Israel by somewhere between 20 to 1 and 100 to 1, the onslaught is clearly massively disproportionate.

Civilians should not be targeted. Indeed, international law bans military attacks even on combatants if the result is heavy casualties among innocent civilians. Israel's announcement that it destroyed an entire hospital just to kill one Hamas leader is a clear breach of this rule.

International law forbids the use of collective punishment of a civilian population, but Israel responded to the October 7th attack by about 1,000 Hamas fighters by cutting off Gaza's two million plus civilians from water, fuel, food and medical supplies.

International law bans the taking of hostages. Hamas clearly broke this rule, but since then the IDF has seized many hundreds of Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank, so Israel is guilty of this breach too.

None of this is to say that Hamas are innocent - of course they are not. But the claim that Israel is - that is an outrageous lie. For Badenoch to come out with it reveals either total ignorance or a wickedly cynical disregard for the truth. Whichever it is, this woman is not fit to hold office in a parish council, let alone in the British Cabinet.