Is THIS Why the Globalists Went for Covid?

Is THIS Why the Globalists Went for Covid?

Twenty years ago, the bought-and-paid-for 'experts' promoting the 'global warming' cult were assuring us that 'snow would be a thing of the past' in Britain within just a few years. In the USA too, they predicted that steadily warming temperatures would banish snow from every wider areas. 

But over the last few years (despite the fake 'data' produced by basing so many weather stations at airports locally warmed by jet engines while budget cuts have closed many rural ones) a succession of bitter winters have made the United Nations created man-made global warming hoax less and less tenable.  

The people trying to use a 'global climate crisis' as the excuse for a One World global dictatorship are fighting a rearguard action on the climate change front. They have tried to move the goalposts by switching from talking about 'global warming' to ' climate disruption. But they seem to have grasped that, however much pseudo-scientific propaganda they throw at it, not even they can convince the public that ferocious winter weather is the result of global warming.

Part of the rearguard action is the way in which the massive snow storms which their much-vaunted computer models completely failed to predict are now explained as the result of 'Sudden Polar Warming' over the Arctic. While the weather 'experts' never openly try to link this entirely natural phenomenon to man-made carbon dioxide emissions, the use of the word 'warming' is intended to imply exactly that. Even this piece of verbal deceit, however, isn't going to impress the public as they experience the sort of winter weather that they remember the 'experts' promising was a thing of the past.

Just look at the situation out there right now. Every American state - including even Hawaii - is now forecast to experience below freezing temperatures next Monday due to a polar vortex which will send plumes of Arctic air down into the USA.  

The vortex is composed of strong winds that usually circulate in the arctic and do not reach areas further to the south. However, the winds have now weakened, 'allowing frigid air to spill out of the polar region' down into North America, Mashable reports. 

The National Weather Service reports the number broke a 122-year-old record for most snow in a New Jersey community from a single storm. 

Residents were finally able to leave their homes on Tuesday, but faced a significant clean-up effort. 

NEW JERSEY: Russell Michelle Hoyer are pictured Wednesday trying to find their driveway under the snow in Mt. Arlington, where a whopping 35.5 inches of snow has fallen since Sunday

Two Mt. Arlington locals were seen wading through waist-deep snow trying to shovel out their driveway.  


The polar blast will bring the freezing temperatures to at least 85 percent of America. More than 235 million Americans are expected to shiver through the unusually icy weather.  

In the Midwest, temperatures will plunge as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit (-31 degrees Celsius). The news comes as comes as millions of residents in the Northeast finally begin digging out of Winter Storm Elena, which brought record breaking snowfall to the region earlier this week.   In Mt. Arlington, New Jersey, snow fell consistently from Sunday through Tuesday, dumping a whopping 35.5 inches by Wednesday morning.   

Meanwhile, parts of Britain face being brought to a standstill by blizzards over the next five days as forecasters warned 'significant' falls of snow up to 3ft 4in (100cm) deep could cripple transport in the worst-affected areas.

Much of northern England and Scotland are under weather warnings for snow and ice until at least the end of next Monday amid concerns those living in remote villages could become cut off for days without power. 

The harsh winter conditions in the Anglo-sphere over several recent years have been paralleled by some equally brutal 'cold weather events' in continental Europe.

The trend - which may be connected to the 19-year cycle of solar activity - has been clear for several years. This fact surely weighted on the minds of the global elite, centred around the United Nations, who spent several decades using the man-made global warming trope as the motor of their propaganda for global government. 'A global problem demands a global solution' was their mantra, although the actual truth of the matter is that their planned global solution needs a global problem in order to be saleable to the masses.

With the deeply inconvenient return of heavy winter snowfalls making a mockery of their global warming hoax, they have found a new excuse for the same old agenda. In place of the invisible demon carbon dioxide (which is in fact Nature's most important fertiliser), the great Enemy is now a respiratory virus (which in fact has a mortality rate completely within the normal range of previous nasty flue outbreaks). 

At the same time, they have rebranded their plans for the demolition of our society and the erection of their tyranny. Where they used to talk of building a New World Order, they now prattle on about the Great Reset. The propaganda is as fake as the crisis, but that doesn't make these people - or their self-serving lies - any the less dangerous. 

What does make them less dangerous, is helping more and more people out there understand what they are up to, so please pass this on to as many people as possible. Knowledge is the beginning of effective resistance!