Is THIS Why They're Cancelling Soccer Matches?

Is THIS Why They're Cancelling Soccer Matches?

The BBC won’t show us footage of the virtually empty vaccination centres in London, but that doesn’t alter the fact that large numbers of young men – and even bigger numbers among the ‘ethnic minorities’, are refusing to be jabbed or ‘boostered’. And the biggest reason for this is that they’ve all seen clips of healthy footballers collapsing on the pitch.

With the Johnson regime’s million-a-day vax targets being missed every day, the last thing the Powers That Be want is any more high profile collapses of fit young men. With exploding levels of distrust for the government, Boris, Whitty and Co can deny that the alarming new phenomenon has anything to do with the jabs until their blue in the face – but even just one or more instances of soccer stars keeling over would be a crushing blow to the vaxx programme.

How to avoid it? How about simply getting the big matches cancelled? It is already clear that the Omicron variant is literally like a bad cold. The new variant should in fact be encouraged to spread as quickly as possible as it would be the fastest way to establish real herd immunity. But even if for some perverse reason they don’t want to do that, then all that is needed to make open air matches ‘covid safe’ is to reduce the numbers allowed to attend, or go back to holding them in empty stadiums like they did last season.

Actually cancelling the matches is completely senseless – unless the real fear isn’t that they might spread the virus, but that the sight of another wave of recently jabbed footballers having heart attacks would be another devastating blow to the vaccination programme.