ISIS calls for attacks on Christians around the world

ISIS calls for attacks on Christians around the world

ISIS has called for attacks on Christians around the world.

The terrorist group launched a campaign calling for attacks against Christians, according to a report by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center on February 6.

Videos and posts calling on Islamists to carry out attacks around the world, especially in Europe, were distributed on social media. 

An ISIS-affiliated Telegram channel published posts calling for attacks against Christians around the world, saying that Muslims should see the burning of the Koran as an insult to the religion and they were encouraged to 'shed the blood of the perpetrator'.

It was emphasized that all Muslims must protect their religion if they want to go to heaven and that they should act according to the 'measure for measure' principle.

On February 1 the ISIS-affiliated Mathani Foundation published a video entitled 'Kill them wherever you meet them,' calling for carrying out terrorist attacks in Western countries. 

Later in the video, an ISIS operative appears who speaks fluent English, who is apparently in Syria, calls to harm the 'infidels' in any possible way.

He listed work tools and trucks as weapons and any other tool in the hands of the would-be attackers: 'Kill them wherever you meet them. If you are a tradesman, use a nail gun to nail the heads and crucify them on woodwork. 

'If you are a truck driver, run over them until their streets are washed with their filthy blood or pour oil on their houses, while they are sleeping, and set them on fire, so that the message [not to harm Muslims and Islam] will be burned into their heads.'

Later in the video, an old recording is played in the voice of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the organization's spokesman in 2014-2016, who focused his propaganda on calling on Muslims in the West to kill 'infidels' in their countries. 

In the recording, Al-Adnani says that all 'infidels' are fair game and that they should be attacked without distinction between civilians and security personnel. 

The video also includes video clips documenting terrorist attacks carried out by ISIS operatives or inspired by it on European soil.