Islamic Indoctrination FORCED On Our Kids

Islamic Indoctrination FORCED On Our Kids

Education bosses are plotting to FORCE parents to send their children to be indoctrinated at mosques – and the Conservative-run council seems happy with this outrageous infringement of parental rights.


At a national level too, a Tory-created Commission is pushing for parents to be stripped of the long-standing right to a say in what their children are taught in religious education lessons in order to force them to attend mosques.

The area where the issue is coming to a head is Thurrock, in Essex. Significant numbers of parents in the heavily pro-Brexit borough have been withdrawing their children from RE lessons on Islam and stopping them from visiting mosques on school trips, a report for the council has found.

The report, from the standing advisory council for religious education (SACRE), a body that advises on RE in schools, calls for the “nature and extent” of withdrawals to be investigated.
 It complains about families using their rights under the 1944 Education Act: “Parents have objected to the teaching of Islam and withdrawn children from lessons and visits to places of worship.
“The outcome [is that] those children, who arguably are those that most need to be taught about Islam, are no longer being taught about it.”

The report adds that tackling hate crime remains a priority in Thurrock – where the highest number of offences have been against Muslim victims – but still some schools have experienced “tensions”.

Thurrock had the fourth highest percentage of people who backed Brexit – with 72.3 per cent of the electorate voting to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

SACRE is due to address Thurrock Council on Wednesday about its concerns over Islamophobic parents pulling children out of RE lessons.

The report comes after teachers complained in April last year that parents were increasingly ‘abusing’ the right to withdraw their children from religious education lessons due to ‘prejudice’.

Members of the ATL section of the National Education Union (NEU) called on the government to take steps to prevent parents from selectively withdrawing youngsters from RE classes.

The Tory-created Commission on Religious Education also recently called for the right of parents to withdraw their children from RE to be reviewed amid concerns about racist or Islamophobic motivations.

For many decades, the right to keep children from certain RE lessons was used mainly by middle class atheists to stop their children being taught about Christianity. And, of course, Britain’s leftist bureaucrats and teachers had no problem at all with that.

But now the exact same right is being used by working class parents to shield their children from Islamification indoctrination, so the same people now insist that parental choice be destroyed and call those who use it ‘bigots’ and ‘race haters’.

And they wonder why ordinary people are more and more angry against the liberal ‘elite’!