Islamic London and the Sri Lankan Bomber

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Islamic London and the Sri Lankan Bomber

One of the suicide bombers who slaughtered 253 Christians in Sri Lanka this Easter was radicalised by hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s sermons while studying in London.

Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed, 37, was the link between ISIS and the bombers, according to security sources on the island.

When Mohamed travelled to England to study, he was a normal, happy-go-lucky youngster. He came back an Islamist fanatic after his time in ‘Londonistan’, where security forces have constantly failed to get a grip on the network of Wahhabi hate-preachers who are funded by Saudi Arabia to spread their ultra-violent brand of Islam.

Investigators believe Mohamed was radicalised in London while studying aerospace engineering at Kingston University – dubbed a “hotbed of terror” by David Cameron – between 2006 and 2007.

Mohamed studied at the London university in the same year a hate preacher linked the Lee Rigby’s killers gave a speech promoting Jihad.

He attended Kingston University when extremist cleric Shakeel Begg urged students to “make Jihad”.

Islamist motormouth Begg is head Imam at South London’s Lewisham Mosque, where soldier Lee Rigby’s murderers Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo worshipped and trained in martial arts. His involvement with the North London network we exposed is documented in detail in our study.

It is now three years since this ground-breaking Knights Templar International research project highlighted one of the main networks. The operation we exposed goes on in the shadows, without the media attention given to the monster Choudary, but they all feed off and into each other. Please see the KTI Intelligence Report at the bottom of the page.

Despite our detailed warnings, the various parts of the Islamist radicalisation network we exposed in London have continued to operate freely, with no police action apparent. They haven’t even been censored on Facebook! Now 253 Sri Lankan Christians have become the latest victims of the Tory government’s long-standing refusal to stamp out Islamist hate-preaching in Britain’s capital city. Sadly, there will be more.