Islamification Brings Fear to Italy

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Islamification Brings Fear to Italy

The mainstream media have kept it quiet, but news has filtered out of Italy about the insidious spread of anti-Christian intimidation and violence. The steady drift from heartland of Western Christianity to Islamised failing state continues, and such a demographic, cultural and religious shift has consequences.

On April 18, Muslim migrants beat and kicked two Coptic Christian brothers, aged 62 and 71, for wearing crosses and because one of them was smoking during Ramadan, when Muslims are supposed to fast. The incident took place in a street in Turin. The Christian brothers had been living in Italy for more than 40 years. According to the 23-year-old daughter, of one of the brothers, who was born and raised in Italy, said. "It is not the first time that we ourselves have been attacked in Italy because we are Christians." She suggested that the main reason they were attacked was because "Both wear quite obvious Christian crosses." After noting that Coptic Christians are persecuted in their Egyptian homeland, she said, "It makes me angry to think that this discrimination also exists here":

"We have had problems before. It happened to me in the city centre when I was out with my friends and we were approached by a man with a small child who started calling us unclean and said we were dressed like prostitutes because we were wearing western clothes. This always happened during Ramadan. The husband of one of my mother's friends was attacked because he ate during the fasting month, which he obviously does not comply with because he belongs to a different religion [Christianity]."


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