It is Official...London Has Fallen

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It is Official...London Has Fallen

Take a good look at these two photos, because they sum up the way the west in general, and Britain in particular, are headed, The top photo shows how police in London treat English demonstrators protesting in favour of the right to speak out about the Islamification of Britain. The bottom one shows the same police force trying pathetically to suck up to a hardcore Islamist fanatic.

The top picture absolutely speaks for itself. In the second, note the one finger (“There is no god but Allah”) salute being made by the smirking Islamist – and the truly pathetic decision by the cowardly police to copy him in the hope of currying favour with Islamists who utterly reject their authority and are determined to destroy the society the chocolate teapot police are paid to protect.

Both pictures were taken recently. The video below dates back a few years, so it shows that the UK police have been rotting from cowardice for some while now…


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