It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

It's beginning to look a lot like global warming isn't happening! After last month's polar vortex blast that nearly collapsed Texas' power grid, a monster storm is hitting Denver and surrounding areas this weekend. 

AccuWeather meteorologists continue to track the weekend winter storm, making its rounds in southern California mid-week and set to dump snow across the state through late Sunday or early Monday.

AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said the snowstorm could "eclipse the seasonal total in one storm." He said, "Denver has received 34.1 inches for the season to date. The storm has the potential to rank among the biggest on record in Denver."

The 'climate change' cranks will try to tell us that this is an example of 'climate disruption', caused by the West's carbon emissions. But no-one normal will be fooled. We all remember them saying - with absolutely certainty - that global warming would mean the snowline scooting uphill and north over the whole northern hemisphere. Weather like this was going to vanish forever as the Earth heated up.

Their new set of excuses cannot conceal the fact that winter snow has not gone away. Outside of their carefully massaged lying statistics, the world isn't heating up either.

The growing failure of the climate to obey their alarmist warming projections accounts for why the elite have switched to using hyped virus threats to justify their global governance obsession and desire to deindustrialise our society and turn us all into obedient and penniless serfs.

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